Pile Caps

When forming below grade structures like a pile
cap, Stay-Form can save a considerable amount
of labor. You have no labor  for stripping forms.

If rebar or metal is used for bracing, it stays in
place. (Wood bracing has to be removed.)
Some contractors backfill around the
Stay-Form prior to the pour therefore
they minimize bracing.

  • Contractors can cut the V ribs in
    order to bend the sheets to any shape

  • During the concrete pour any
    water in the form will run out of
    the Stay-Form as it is displaced
    by the concrete (no pumping it out).

  • Concrete finish is not a concern
    since backfill or a slab-on-grade
    concrete pour is a typical design
    with a pile cap foundation.

Other Applications:

•Pile caps    •Grade beams   
•Dams    •Blindside walls
•Bulkheads   •Bridges
•Retaining walls   •Large Keyways
•Ductbanks    •Footings
•Tunnels    •Shotcrete/Gunite