Grade beams are easily formed using Stay-Form
and rebar or lumber as bracing. Some
contractors prefer to backfill 75 to 90 percent
up the grade beam prior to the concrete pour
in order to minimize the required bracing.

Backfilling acts as the bracing which will stop
the formwork from spreading during the pour.

• Using tie wire around the Stay-
    Form ribs and rebar or lumber
    is easy to do.

• Since the Stay-Form is not
    stripped, the excavation required
    is less than what would be
    needed using conventional

• Some contractors use Stay-Form
    to hold the surrounding soil from
    falling in on the grade beam
    excavation and reinforcing steel.


Other Applications:

•Pile caps    •Grade beams   
•Dams    •Blindside walls
•Bulkheads   •Bridges
•Retaining walls   •Large Keyways
•Ductbanks    •Footings
•Tunnels    •Shotcrete/Gunite