Electrical contractors find it easier to form duct
banks with Stay-Form than with plywood or
conventional forming systems. The learning
curve to train personnel how to install Stay-
Form is quick, and the labor savings are
significant due to the fact that form
stripping is not necessary.

• Attaching Stay-Form to rebar
    supports is easily accomplished
    with tie wire.

• A 2x4 (from rebar to rebar)
    across the top of the duct bank
    prevents the formwork from
    spreading during the pour.

• Visual inspection of the concrete
    consolidation is also an advantage
    when using Stay-Form in
    order to avoid honey combing
    or bug holes.


Other Applications:

•Pile caps    •Grade beams   
•Dams    •Blindside walls
•Bulkheads   •Bridges
•Retaining walls   •Large Keyways
•Ductbanks    •Footings
•Tunnels    •Shotcrete/Gunite