Contractors frequently use Stay-
Form on bridge projects to form
footings, edge forms and bulkheads.
When building a cast-in-place
segmental box girder bridge,
forming the bulkheads has
significant labor savings because
the bulkhead does not have to
be striped.

• Test reports prove that you get
   21% greater shear bond strength
   with Stay-Form, as compared
   to plywood, when forming a

• There is also no need to scabble
   a Stay-Form bulkhead (you need
   to scabble a plywood bulkhead)
   which means additional labor


Other Applications:

•Pile caps    •Grade beams   
•Dams    •Blindside walls
•Bulkheads   •Bridges
•Retaining walls   •Large Keyways
•Ductbanks    •Footings
•Tunnels    •Shotcrete/Gunite