When a contractor has to form a concrete wall
within a few inches of an existing structure,
Stay-Form is an excellent product. By utilizing
Stay-Form with rebar studs, hook ties,
and a modular form system, a one sided
form can be accomplished. If you do not
have the luxury or room to strip formwork,
Stay-Form is the right product for the job.

• The V ribs run perpendicular to
    the vertical rebar studs which
    gives the Stay-Form the rigidity
    to withstand the concrete pressures.

• Stay-Form can be slit with tin
    snips to accommodate the rebar
    hook tie.

• Concrete pours in 3- to 4-foot
    lifts are preferable with this
    form system.


Blindside Wall Form Using Stay-Form

1. Wire tie Stay-Form to rebar every other rib.
2. Lap Stay-Form sheets over a rebar support.
3. Two rib minimum lap vertically, 4”-6” lap horizontal.
4. Recommended pour rate is 3’ to 4’ per hour.
5. Do not vibrate previous lift by more than 6”.

Hook Tie Installation for Blindside Wall Applications Using Stay-Form

After hook tie has been inserted through
the slit in the Stay-Form and engages the
rebar stud, a keeper is then secured with
a washer and nut.











Other Applications:

•Pile caps    •Grade beams   
•Dams    •Blindside walls
•Bulkheads   •Bridges
•Retaining walls   •Large Keyways
•Ductbanks    •Footings
•Tunnels    •Shotcrete/Gunite